Conscious Music Fest Artists

Gary Lynn Floyd

Gary is a singer/songwriter originally from Conroe Texas. He was four years old when he began picking out melodies on the piano and he’s been making music ever since. His soulful blend of pop, country, rhythm and blues create a unique sound that continues to gain him fans and awards.

The Yes Team

An inspired collaboration of three youthful and talented singer/songwriters from New York, The Yes Team has an authentic uplifting sound & message that just feels good to audiences of every age. Their vocal harmonies are stunning and the song arranging just gets more delightful as this group continues to write together and perform all over San Diego and beyond. The Yes Team says , “Our mission is simple: to spread unity through harmony! Our voices blend because our hearts are wide open. We sing because we were born to. We travel because that’s how the Yes is spread!”

Faith Rivera

With 15 years of making music and touching lives, Faith brings world-class talent, contagious pop songs, and a nurturing spirit that will make your heart smile.  No matter if you've seen her at the Hollywood Bowl, with the Honolulu Symphony or in a virtual live-streaming concert, fans say her energy & music are infectious and leave you feeling inspired, high on life and more in touch with your own inner brilliance.  Faith dares the world to be the "Everyday SuperStars" we are born to be!

Peggy Lebo

Peggy is an award winning singer/songwriter. While she is most often compared to Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, and Joni Mitchell, she blends alternative folk-rock and layered vocals to create her own distinct sound. Inspired by her own spiritual journey, Peggy shares her passion for writing and performing songs for the conscious music movement wherever she sings.

Karl Anthony

Karl is a musician whose career has spanned more than three decades and taken him all over the globe. His performances feature a synthesis of eastern and western musical traditions, such as the infusion of Kirtan style call-and-response chants. Anthony says, “Singing together is a pathway to pure joy and a quiet acceptance of the bitter-sweetness of life.”

Teri Wilder

Teri left Kansas City Radio and the corporate world, after working there for almost 11 years, to pursue her first love full-time again – music. Teri’s songs are inspired by life in general, always with a positive spin. Teri says, “If I’m going to write lyrics, I want them to make me – and others – feel good, or better.” In 2005, she began writing specifically for the New Thought churches where she’d been singing for a decade.

Ray Davis

Ray is an LA based, multi-instrumental singer/songwriter whose music moves fluidly through funk, soul, jazz, gospel, and pop, without losing connecting to its life-affirming, positive spiritual message. His beautiful, soulful voice delivers well-crafted, hook-driven songs that speak to the best in all of us.

John Foltz

John Foltz hit the San Diego County music scene as a singer/songwriter in 2001. His ability to blend a wide spectrum of cover songs with his own original music made him a venue’s first call when they were looking to book entertainment. During this time, he also joined the Positive Music Association and began performing at many of the Centers for Spiritual Living in the greater San Diego area.

Nathen Aswell

Nathen Aswell is a gifted keynote speaker, recording artist, and musician based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He believes that his calling in this life is to inspire and heal through his talks and his heart-centered music making. His songs are celebrations of life, transformation, evolution, and the oneness of humanity, delivered in a variety of popular music styles.

Congratulations to our Young Voices Songwriting Contest winners!

• First place winner:

Vasi Hunton for her song, Seven Wonders

• Second place winner:

Cordelia Degher for her song, Open Up To Me

• Third-place winner:

Connor Correll for his song, The Joy That Never Ends

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